Tuesday, October 21, 2008

UK Christmas Concerts Cancelled

The UK Irish Christmas Tour by Moya Brennan, that was planned for the beginning of December 2008 has been cancelled. That's what we learn from the news section on Moya Brennan's website. The German X-mas shows (12-18 december) and the concert at the Seamus Ennis Culture Centre in Naul, Co Dublin on 20 December 2008, will continue as planned. Moya will be playing some other Christmas concerts in Ireland in December 2008 and details of these will be announced soon. Also, plans are on the way for an UK tour in 2009. One of these concerts will be on friday 27 March 2009 8PM at the Huntingdon Hall in Worcester, as posted earlier.

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Anonymous said...

There is nothing cancelled at all!
She only changed her plans for a UK Christmas tour into plans for a UK Spring/Easter tour!

No dates were comfirmed so far, so they can't cancel them!

I think Moya couldn't plan any UK concerts because she was simply too late with contacting the venues, the venues were already booked by other performers on the dates Moya wanted to play them!
And I think some venues will be closed for the Christmas Holidays!

If she wants to do a UK X-Mas Tour in 2009 she has to plan it right now, most venues release their 2009/2010 season programs in Spring 2009, they are planning the 2009/2010 season right now!