Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Enya Appears On TV & Radio (Update 5)

Enya will appear on GMTV on Thursday 13th November at GMTV Today from 7.00-8.25 hrs. She joins the show for a chat and shows her new video. Enya will also be performing on the Children In Need show this coming Friday, 14th November on BBC1 between 19.00 en 02.00 hrs. Check your local tv-guides for the exact time of performance.
Update: On Tuesday 11 November, 19.15 hrs. Enya joins Mark Lawson to discuss her career and new album in Front Row on BBC radio4. You can listen online, live or afterwards. (thanx Suvi)
Update 2: On Youtube you watch the broadcast of the presentation of Enya's new album in Madrid last friday.
Update 3: Enya will be performing on Children in Need at 20.00- 21.00 hrs. on BBC Northern Ireland. Her performance will also be on BBC 1 (National) around 1am Saturday 15th.
Update 4: On Youtube you watch Enya performing at Children In Need.
Update 5: For more radio and tv appearances go to the news section of Enya's website.

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