Monday, December 08, 2008

Moya Brennan On Video's & Interviewed (Updated)

Some nice video's to watch; at first going back in time with Christy Moore & friends performing at the Late Late Show in 1994. Look who's in the friends and listen carefully to the lyrics at 3:17. (thanx Brian). Thanx to posts on the forum of Moya Brennan's website, get in the mood for Christmas with Moya singing "Gabriel's Message" on Good News TV (don't forget part 1) and Moya being interviewed at CelticChristianSpirit (switch off player left, turn on the red interview box on the right). And one of the all time Christmas favourites here.
Update: have a look at another Christy Moore video with Moya Brennan singing backing vocals. And another interview from the latest Dutch tour.

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