Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Preview Songs Album Sinead Madden (Updated)

On the MySpace website of Sinead Madden you can listen to three songs, probable as a preview of her upcoming debut album, that is set to be released around 13 March 2009. Go to Sineads MySpace website and listen to "Impossible Dream" "Fade To Black" and "Summerfly Live".
Update: According to the website of Daithí Rua the debut album will be titled "Honey Promises". Earlier the album had the (working) title Butterfly Dream. On Sineads MySpace it says: All twelve songs are co-written with fellow musician from Moya Brennans band Fionan De Barra. Other compositions include The Whispering Jig, Balance Across The Strings, The Forbidden Reel, The Roundabout and a specially comissioned piece called The Sands Of Time. These songs, together with the "preview songs" as mentioned above and the song "Roulette" that you could listen before, give an idea of the tracklist. At the Tilia festival will be the official launch of the album in the Netherlands.
Update 2: Look at Sinead performing "Summerfly Live" live in Amersfoort Netherlands.

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