Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Moya Brennan Future Projects

Earlier, on this blog you could read about some US projects Moya Brennan is working on. Time for a follow up. According to a comment by Philip J. Marshall, Executive Producer of Maryland Public Television (MPT) "Moya will be at our studios tomorrow, recording a local music special for MPT only. It will be a mixture of performance and interview. Check the MPT website for details on airing." Moya and Philip Marshall are also working on the soundtrack of the Intrepid Journal, a documentary film of 50 years of American foreign policy, from WWII to 9-11.
The final project is "a two hour national program about Irish music and it's influences on America. (working title "Sowing Seeds: Irish Music and America") Moya Brennan will be the host, interviewing quite a number of Irish and American Artists. Production is scheduled to start in July 2009 and a national release date in spring of 2010." Read some more about the last project and plans for a traditional album or/and a cover album in an interview on the Irish Central website
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