Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Moya Brennans Music In Religious Movie

In 2006 the film documentary "The Call to Fatima" was released. According to a press release the documentary also includes the music recordings by Moya Brennan and is now worldwide available in a two dvd-set. Both dvd's are based on Sister Lucia’s last known writings entitled "Calls" from the Message of Fatima. The film contains footage filmed inside the Carmel where Sr. Lucia lived and is set to the many beautiful musical arrangements of Ireland’s Moya Brennan. The DVD release in North America coincided with the release of Moya Brennan’s "An Irish Christmas Album" in 2006. So far, for me unknown is what music is on the dvd. Are there Christmas tunes or other? If you have more information, please pass it through at info at

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