Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Full List Moya Brennan X-mas Tour Germany 2010 (Update 2)

As a follow up to the earlier post about the Moya Brennan Irish X-mas tour, here's the full list of dates and venues. All concerts are in Germany and tickets will be available soon, i suppose at Here we go: 
26-11-2010 Jena Friedenskirche
27-11-2010 Görlitz Wichernhaus
29-11-2010 Poznan (not confirmed)
30-11-2010 Wroclaw (not confirmed)
01-12-2010 Katowice (not confirmed)
02-12-2010 Warszawa (not confirmed)
04-12-2010 Hamburg Kulturkirche Altona
05-12-2010 Menden St.Marienkirche
06-12-2010 Hannover Markuskirche
08-12-2010 Potsdam Nikolaisaa
09-12-2010 Riesa Stadthalle Stern
10-12-2010 Braunschweig St.Jakobikirche
11-12-2010 Mainz Christuskirche
12-12-2010 Ludwigsburg Scala
Update: Tickets for the German concerts are available at According to a post on the forum of Moya Brennan's website there will be 4 concerts in Poland in the period between the 28th November and the 3rd December 2010. More details to follow.
Update 20/7: The list has been updated with the Polish concerts. Note that these are not confirmed yet, venues are unknown.

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