Sunday, February 06, 2011

Clannad At Temple Bar TradFest Video (Update 5)

Clannad played their first concert of three at the Temple Bar Tradfest last thursday. If you were not there (like me ;o( we'll have to do with video's like this one, Clannad playing Newgrange. Clannad plays again friday and saturday night. Stay tuned for more!
Update: Last tuesday Clannad performed at the John Murray show on RTÉ radio 1, where they played two songs 1, 2. Also listen to an audio fragment from the same show with a small interview with Moya and Pól.
Update 2: Thanx to Pat Foley you can watch a very nice picture show of Clannad's thursday concert.
Update 3: And there's more: Clannad playing "Robin The Hooded Man", "Teidhir Abhaile Riu" and "Two Sisters".
Update 4: Another video, "I Will Find You" and a lot of pictures by Dubhy63. Did we already say Thank You Dubhy !!!
Update 5: Some leftovers of the Clannad Temple Bar concerts. Clannad and Anúna playing "In A Lifetime", another short video and more pics.


pat foley said...

i was at the concert thursday night i did`nt video any songs but i did take photographs, it was an amazing concert in an amazing place,

Dubhy63 said...

Thanks for posting the links here,even more fans (who weren't at the concerts) will be able to taste a bit of the fantastic atmosphere !