Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Clannad Concert Tilburg 013

Last monday 7 november 2011, Clannad played in the venue 013 in Tilburg Netherlands. After a nervous start the concert grew to magical proportions. After 17 songs and an encore with two songs (see playlist) there was just one conclusion; after more than 40 years they still have it, the sound, the warmth, the magic. Have a look at some pics and a review as well as some vids 1, 2.


Dennis Amelsbeek said...

I was there, my first time to see Clannad live. It was a great night!

Anonymous said...

It was indeed "A magical " night will treasure it as one of the finest.
Thank you for coming to Holland,

Greetings peter

Anonymous said...

I absolutely loved it. It was very special to me. Thank you so much for coming to NL. Please come again! (and next time come to Leiden!! and have dinner with us..:>))).

Best wishes, Angela.