Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Clannad US CD / DVD News (Update)

As you might know a new compilation album by Clannad is on the way, as well as the DVD and broadcast of the Temple Bar Trad Fest/Christ Church concert on the US PBS network. On behalf of the bands management some facts:
- The compilation album will be a 2-cd titled "The Essential Clannad" and not "Timeless" as was mentioned on an earlier Sony press release. The releasedate of 6 March will be US only;
- The premiere of the Christ Church concert will be on 17 march on WLIW. Other PBS stations can broadcast it on other dates, also before the WLIW premiere. Check local listings.
- At present, the DVD and CD of the show will only be available through the PBS showings. There is also a 3CD set called "Timeless: the Songs, the Sound, the Tradition" that will be available exclusively through the PBS pledge drive. Hopefully these will all be available for full release sometime in the near future;

- Again at present, all dvd/cd's are only US available;
- They are working on some European broadcast dates as well but they would more likely be late April/May. Stay tuned for more later..
Update: An image of the dvd cover has been added to this post, as well as a link to a post on the Clannad website about the album including the tracklist.

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