Monday, March 26, 2012

Clannad Starts Touring Germany & Finland

Clannad is about to start their little tour in Germany and Finland. They will perform four times in Germany and then take off to Finland for two more concerts.
The dates and places:
-28 March - Germany - Frankfurt
-29 March - Germany - Dusseldorf
-30 March - Germany - Leipzig
-31 March - Germany - Berlin
- 2 April - Finland - Helsinki

- 3 April - Finland - Turku


Anonymous said...

from "a man with the left hand"
Marvelous Concert in Helsinki Music House on the 2nd of APRIL 2012.
The entire band is like a wine...getting older...even better.

Suvi from Finland said...

Also, the young lady with the green-peach-white Celtic dress and her photographer Mum want both to thank for the marvellous show you gave us in Helsinki, please never mind the bad press reviews because those people did not know what they were writing! As long as the audiences stay this enthusiastic, everything is OK! Thank you for the music and thank you also for your meet-and-greet session!