Monday, October 22, 2012

Clannad On North American Tour (Update 4)

Clannad is touring the USA at the moment. After the start of the tour in Ottawa, the next US concert was in Torrington CT. Clannad was joined on stage for two songs by the Chorus Angelicus & Gaudeamus choir. Before the start of the tour Moya Brennan was interviewed by the Irish Examiner USA. Stay tuned for more.
Update: On October 3rd Clannad played in Ridgefield CT in the Playhouse. Have a look at 16 pics of the gig.
Update 2: A major disappointment for Clannad fans near St Charles MO, the concert this friday 19th october has been canceled.
Update 3: On 16 october 2012 Clannad performed in Columbus OH. Have a look at 37 pics of the show.
Update 4: On the Irish Central website you can read a review of the Clannad USA tour and shows.

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StlBill said...

Those of us who have been waiting for years to see and hear Clannad in St. Louis are obviously dissappointed and would like to know why this performance was cancelled.