Saturday, December 22, 2012

Shows Italy Added To Clannad European Tour

Clannad has added three shows in Italy to their upcoming European Tour in 2013. For the full tour dates look at the concert pages on this blog or the Clannad website. Tickets for the Italian concerts will be available at the website of
The dates and venues are:
- 18th Feb - Firenze, Obihall 
- 19th Feb - Rimini, Teatro Novelli
- 20th Feb - Rezzato, Teatro CTM.

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Anonymous said...

Having attended clannad concerts for the last 30 years, We were pleased to see the band were coming to Norwich, What a shame they picked the UEA for this leg of there tour,It's not much fun standing jam packed in that tatty venue, Heres hoping for better in the future.