Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Recording New Clannad Album Started

From the Clannad website: Clannad are delighted to announce that they have signed with world music specialists ARC Music to release the band's much anticipated new album. ARC have previously released the spectacular Clannad at Christ Church Cathedral CD & DVD and both sides are very much looking forward to working on this new venture together.
Scheduled for release in September 2013, this will be the first full album of new material since 1998's Grammy winning Landmarks. It will also be the first album since Pol left the band in 1989 to contain all five original members.
After a prolonged period of writing and pre-production, the band began recording in earnest last Monday at a location in Ireland. They are all very excited to be getting to the final stages of work on this long awaited (and long overdue) album.We will bring you more news as the album progresses. So stay tuned !


Anonymous said...

Wonderful news! Let them take their time to make something really wonderful that's will touch our heats!

Anonymous said...

At last! By the way, family member Enya is very quiet these days.....Too bad and I wonder why.