Saturday, July 27, 2013

Here It Is: New Clannad Album Nádúr (Update 2)

Clannad has finally finished their newest and long awaited album Nádúr.
This is their first new album since 15 years when the album Landmarks was released. There are 13 new tracks on the album.
2.Rhapsody na gCrann
4.Turas Dhómhsa chon na Galldachd
5.Brave Enough (with guest Duke Special)
6.The Fishing Blues
7.Lámh ar Lámh
8.Tobar an tSaoil
9.The Song in your Heart
10.A Quiet Town
11.Hymn (To Her Love)
13.Cití na gCumann
The album will be released digitally world wide on 20th September and the CD will be released within the following week or two depending on the country. It will be available for pre-order on Amazon very soon.
Update: The album can be pre-ordered at for £9,60 and for £11,98.
Update 2: There's a taster with soundclips of Nadur on Youtube. Stunning !!


Edoardo said...

Welcome back, my friends!

See you on the italian roads...

Max said...

Hoooooorayyyy! :-)

Max said...

Hooooorayyyy! :-)

Anonymous said...

Glad its not spelt 'Nadir'! Seriously though, nice mystical cover, gorgeous music- nice to have them back.