Sunday, September 20, 2015

Clannad New World Tour And Album ?? (Update)

Early March of this year Clannad announced some of their future plans, like  hitting the studio to record some new material...  Clannad played at the Drammen Sacred Festival last weekend and what do we read on the festival website? The festival is proud to have them play in Drammen before they begin their world tour in February 2016!  Often a new album goes together with a tour. I know, it's speculating and wishful thinking, let's just keep our fingers crossed for the best.
Update: On their Facebook Clannad announces a concert at the Queens college in Taunton. In a way they also gave a reaction on the above post, saying that this concert will be the final show until autumn 2016.

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Edoardo said...

Let's hope the wait is over!

A wish from Northern Italy.