Sunday, October 18, 2015

New Album Enya "Dark Sky Island"

A new album by Enya called "Dark Sky Island" is set to be released next month. This will be the eight studio album, after the album "And Winter Came" from 2008. In a video on Youtube Enya says " it's important to us to give ourselves the time in the studio, but this has meant that we had never really/officially taken a break from the studio".
The official world wide release is set for 20th November 2015, a vinyl copy will follow on 18th December 2015.
The new album contains 11 songs:
1. "The Humming"
2. "So I Could Find My Way"
3. "Even in the Shadows"
4. "The Forge of the Angels"
5. "Echoes In Rain" video
6. "I Could Never Say Goodbye"
7. "Dark Sky Island"
8. "Sancta Maria"
9. "Astra et Luna"
10. "The Loxian Gates"
11. "Diamonds on the Water"
and 3 extra songs on the deluxe edition:
12. "Solace"
13. "Pale Grass Blue"
14. "Remember Your Smile"

(more to follow..)

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Very very good and unexpected news!