Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Clannad Co-Founder Padraig Duggan Has Died (Update 2)

Pádraig Duggan, musician, songwriter and co-founder of folk music legends Clannad, has died in Dublin at the age of 67. He passed away in Blanchardstown Hospital following a recurring illness and is survived by his wife Jan.

Pádraig along with his twin brother, Noel, were the youngest of six children of Aodh (Hugh) and Máire Duggan. They grew up in the Gaoth Dobhair Gaeltacht in Donegal and, after early musical proficiency, joined their niece and nephews, the Brennans, to form Clannad in the early 1970s.

Pádraig and Noel Duggan released a collaborative album, Rubicon, in 2005. Next to playing in Clannad, Padraig also was member of Norland Wind.
Update: As a memory of Pádraig Duggan, the song "Memories" from the album Rubicon, written by Pádraig and Ian Melrose. (Backing) vocals Orla Fallon, Moya Brennan, Bridin Brennan, Deirdre Brennan and Kerstin Blodig.  
Update 2: Read the article in the Donegal Daily about the funeral of Pádraig Duggan. 

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