Saturday, January 21, 2017

Moya Brennan Interview Maxazine

Moya Brennan has been interviewed by Harry de Jong for the online music magazine
In the interview Moya talks about the loss in 2016 of her father Leo and uncle and Clannad co-founder Padraig Duggan. It's still difficult talking about them, because they both ment a lot to her. Moya is thinking of some acoustic concerts with the other Clannad members this year, but there are no specific plans yet. Meanwhile Moya keeps looking forward and wrote a new album called "Canvas", together with her son Paul and daughter Aisling. A real family project she says, with songs that are personally and a little different than before, less vocal harmonies and harp. During the upcoming concerts Moya plays new material but also Clannad songs.
For the complete interview (Dutch), go to the website of "Maxazine".

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